Who are we?

cw9 is a network.
We are the network responsible for Nologam,
Gamers and Geeks and soon to be ClearWeb


| Website | @ClearWebIE

Part-time Web Management for Small Local Companies in Monaghan, Ireland. Coming Soon™


| Website | @Nologam | Facebook

The main site of the cw9 Network.
Featuring a community of gamers and technology enthusiasts.
Game Servers managed by people who love games!
Join today!

Gamers and Geeks

| Website | @GamersAndGeeks | Facebook

Only a few live to tell the tale of the bigger, meaner brother of Nologam.


| Website

MMO.Irish is the forefront of MMO news in Ireland. Covering games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and more. No launch date as of yet!


| Website | @LinuxIrish | Facebook

LINUX.Irish is the forefront of Linux related news in Ireland. Covering distro releases, sharing tips and tricks and a "how-to" series for first time users. No launch date as of yet!